Ground spur gears
Module 1.25 – 30, max. diameter 1,500 mm, tooth width 600 mm, grade 4 acc. to DIN 3962
Milled/shaped spur gears
Module 1.25 – 30, max. diameter 3,500 mm, tooth width 600 mm, grade 6 acc. to DIN 3962
Milled helical gears up to helix angle of 85°, module 0.5 – 2.5, tooth width 150 mm
Splined shafts
Profiles to DIN 5480, 5481, 5482, SAE
Module 2 – 12, tooth with 250 mm, up to total length of 1,000 mm
Toothed hubs/splined hubs
Profiles to DIN 5480, 5481, 5482, SAE
Module 2 – 12, tooth width 290 mm to pitch circle – dia. 85 mm broached up to pitch circle – dia. 1,500 mm shaped
Shaped ring gears Module 2 – 24, tooth width 600 mm, max. pitch circle diameter 3,200 mm
Chain wheelsvarious pitches up to max. diameter 400 mm
Toothed belt wheelsvarious pitches up to max. diameter 400 mm
Worm gearsvarious pitches up to max. diameter 400 mm
Special gearsall hobable profiles
Contract workGear milling and gear flank grinding on state-of-the-art processing machines from Reishauer and Höfler


As the specialist for transmission parts and the assembly of complete gear units, we offer you everything from design to procurement of the raw materials to bench tests in our own Quality department.

We develop and produce axles and transmissions for self-driving machinery in the construction, forestry and agricultural sectors. The product range encompasses transfer cases, differential transmissions, tandem axles, portal tandem axles and drive components.


You can download our production list here: Production list 2019

We understand our customers’ requirements and implement them without delay. We are helped in this by our excellent production know-how. We support you from the development phase through to optimized series production. Benefit from our service as an experienced and innovative company with a highly motivated team of qualified employees.

Whether pure contract work or short-notice capacity expansions, our modern fleet of machines lets us respond flexibly, from request to collection in 24 hours.


We use the latest Reishauer machine technology (Reishauer RZ 550/RZ 1000) to achieve top efficiency in time and quality. Medium and large-scale series production of all current gear geometries is particularly effective, thanks to automated “spacing” and multi-start grinding worms.

With over fourteen ultra-modern CNC gear grinding machines, we offer the very highest standard of production possibilities. “Self-aligning” grinding disks and sophisticated software enable every conceivable profile and line modification, even on small batch runs. In order to monitor and document the production of our gears, we use state-of-the-art gear measuring machines from the specialists (Klingelnberg P40, P100, P150).


In the area of gear shaping, we offer you almost limitless possibilities in terms of component size and gear lengths. The hydraulically driven Pfauter (P 2000 S, P 1600 S) gear-shaping machines enable us to produce external and internal gear teeth with a toothing width of over 600 mm. Due to the elevated arrangement of the shaping heads, it is also possible to create special geometries (planet carrier, hollow shafts, gear bodies) with a particular toothing position.


We place stringent requirements on the monitoring of your quality specifications. We provide quality assurance of your products and are leading in the field of in-process measurement. Our comprehensively equipped materials laboratory enables us to carry out all non-destructive tests in-house. Our employees are developed in accordance with prevailing guidelines and receive regular training.

To ensure our products are fit for purpose, we use several gear measuring centers of the company Klingelnberg. We are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 (TÜV Certificate). We are also licensed at all notable marine classification societies.

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